Returning to the Philippines

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to spend two months living in the Philippines working with an incredible ministry.  We had a “disconnect to connect” policy which allowed us to better connect to our new friends in the Philippines by removing our tendency to hide behind technology.  This meant that I was unable to bring my digital camera and so I brought 4 rolls of color film and 10 (I think?) rolls of black and white. 

I recently was able to begin the process of developing, scanning and editing my images! So far I have 4 color rolls developed, 3 rolls of film scanned and about 20 images edited.  It’s slow going as I’m in the midst of school and life and I mostly hate sitting at my computer editing for hours.

I am really enjoying these images though.  It is re-breaking my heart for the Philippines and reminding me of the wonderful work that is happening there through Kid’s International Ministries (K.I.M.).  Here are a few of my favorite images so far:




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