French Adventures

Currently I am studying in the region of Provence in France.  It has been absolutely beautiful!  Here are a few random pictures that just happened to be JPEGs.

The view from the hilltop one morning.

My beautiful roommate, Laura Beth, waiting for the bus.

Still, waiting for the bus. The light is gorgeous, isn’t it?  It’s always beautiful light here.

My friend Jordan at the ochre mines in Roussillon.  We painted ourselves with ochre. Who could resist?

A diptych from a study I did.  We had to investigate the idea of travel.  I chose to sit in one place for an hour and photograph continuously to see how the place travelled, and I with it in that hour of time.  I arranged the images as diptychs to show the contrast and variety to be found in one place.

A self-portrait from Oppède le Vieux.

A picture of the street in Gordes.

All this and I haven’t even actually showed you anything I’m working on for my final portfolio.  That is what I am most excited for and will reveal at the proper time!  For now when I’m not photographing for my project (which doesn’t even feel like work), I’m amassing large amounts of images of Southern France.  Either way, I’m getting some wonderful experimental and straight photographic images.  I’m very pleased and finally feel like I’m coming into my own with my work.


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